Students, Faculty, and Staff,

First, congratulations on such an amazing start to the semester! Your Student Government Association Representatives are excited for this school year as well!

As many of you are aware, Student Government Association, previously known as Student Congress, has gone under some structural changes, with many new positions being added to ensure the full representation for the students here at Southwestern. Students voted last semester to add Academic Discipline representatives as well as Paideia representatives. This increased our representative count to 36 members. You can see the complete list of representatives on our website under Student Life and Student Activities, on the Student Government tab.

On September 24th, Student Government Association held its first forum on Risk Management Policies. We had a panel that consisted of the new Dean of Students, Charlene Buckley, our acting police chief, Chief Dunn, and members from the 4 fraternities on campus. Dean Buckley gave the audience a brief background on her experience in higher education and her goals as a new Dean. Chief Dunn went over misconceptions about SUPD and the guidelines they follow to ensure the safety of students. In addition to that, each fraternity member had a chance to go over their individual house policies regarding risk management; this included security, sober members, registered parties, and non-party nights. The complete minutes from the forum are also located on our website under the forums tab.

Thank you for your time, and we at SGA hope to continue to work with the Southwestern Community to further take care of the needs of the students. Please be sure to like us on Facebook as well, at Southwestern University Student Government Association, and Twitter, @su_gov, for all of our updates regarding Student Government.



Student Government Association