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February 2016 Newsletter

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Just like that February is over! Your Student Government Association has been hard at work preparing events and working on new legislation!

First off, welcome to our new members! Earlier this month SGA held elections to fill the positions of Natural Science, Humanities, Social Science, New Paideia, Fine Arts, and First Year Representatives. For a complete list of Representatives, please see our website under the Student Government tab on the Student Activities page.

In addition to our elections, there is a new piece of legislation in the works! SEAK brought an idea to SGA regarding the sale and distribution of plastic water bottles on our campus. The new legislation would effectively ban all of those sales and distribution; with the goal of progressively making our campus more environment-friendly and promoting our push to be a sustainable campus. This legislation would affect the Cove, water bottle vending machines only, and university funding (organizations would not be allowed to use university funds for the purchasing of water bottles). SEAK has worked to earn grants to provide more water bottle refill stations, and instead of pirate bike shirts, there would be pirate bike reusable water bottles. If you have any questions regarding this legislation, please contact any SGA representative.

SGA has also been working on our annual Last S.T.R.A.W. event for this upcoming March. This is a week-long event from March 7th through the 11th, with event including self-defense training, a viewing of “The Hunting Ground”, and more! Make sure to mark it down on your calendars and check our Facebook page for updates on times and locations!

We hope you had an amazing month and are getting ready for an even better one! Spring break is almost here, you can do it!



Your Student Government Representatives

November 2015 Newsletter

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Southwestern Student Government Association hopes you all had a great Thanksgiving Break and have come back refreshed for these next two weeks! November has been a very busy month and the holds true for your Student Government representatives.

Earlier this month, Student Government Association partnered with the Office of Student Life to put on a Bystander Training. This event was open to all students and touched on many different topics including sexual assault/ bystander training, racism, and gender discrimination. If you were able to attend this event and have any feedback regarding it, please feel free to talk to a SGA member; we would love to hear your feedback!

Student Government Association also held our second Student Body Forum of the year on the topic of Student Health. We had representatives from Health Services, Counseling, and Religious Life come talk about student concerns that had been raised, changes that had occurred over the summer, and the services that they offer. They went over the new insurance plans, changes in health services, quick stress relief tips, and worship times for students. If you missed the forum and would like to learn more, feel free to talk to a SGA representative as well as contacting any represented group about their individual services.

Make sure to keep a look out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates regarding events for the upcoming semester! Also, all general assembly meetings are open to the public; they are every third Tuesday at 7pm in the Prothro Room in the Library!

-Student Government Association

September 2015 Newsletter

Students, Faculty, and Staff,

First, congratulations on such an amazing start to the semester! Your Student Government Association Representatives are excited for this school year as well!

As many of you are aware, Student Government Association, previously known as Student Congress, has gone under some structural changes, with many new positions being added to ensure the full representation for the students here at Southwestern. Students voted last semester to add Academic Discipline representatives as well as Paideia representatives. This increased our representative count to 36 members. You can see the complete list of representatives on our website under Student Life and Student Activities, on the Student Government tab.

On September 24th, Student Government Association held its first forum on Risk Management Policies. We had a panel that consisted of the new Dean of Students, Charlene Buckley, our acting police chief, Chief Dunn, and members from the 4 fraternities on campus. Dean Buckley gave the audience a brief background on her experience in higher education and her goals as a new Dean. Chief Dunn went over misconceptions about SUPD and the guidelines they follow to ensure the safety of students. In addition to that, each fraternity member had a chance to go over their individual house policies regarding risk management; this included security, sober members, registered parties, and non-party nights. The complete minutes from the forum are also located on our website under the forums tab.

Thank you for your time, and we at SGA hope to continue to work with the Southwestern Community to further take care of the needs of the students. Please be sure to like us on Facebook as well, at Southwestern University Student Government Association, and Twitter, @su_gov, for all of our updates regarding Student Government.



Student Government Association

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