64 people in audience

24th September 2015 

Risk Management Forum 

Bishops Lounge 6:00P.M.

– Marisa gives introduction

– Meetings open every third Tuesday at 7P.M. in Prothro room 2nd floor of library

– Emily gives explanation of why the form

– New Dean of Students Mrs. Charlene Buckley gives her introduction of who she is. She’s all

about small community and wants to know everyone.

SUPD active Chief Dunn speaks.

Misconceptions and positive things

1. An officer mistakenly informed female students about being on the second floor of a fraternity house and this has been corrected, SUPD has no authority of who can and can not be in the house. The chapter has internal rules.

2. Public display, officers can not look in cups or smell. They must have an extenuating reason to do so.

– props are shown

– no color cup rule

  • if it’s alcohol in a can/bottle then yes it’s public display
  • if student is obviously intoxicated then they have the authority to look in the cup

3. Officers are not hunting for students, they just want to ensure the safety of everyone.

4. SUPD statistics

5. Officers will be limited on how long they stay in one spot but will patrol around high traffic areas


1. escort services, if you don’t feel comfortable and an officer can escort you to your


2. bicycle registration, your bikes are safe

3. driving/riding reward system, officers will be observing for exceptional skills and

you’ll be rewarded with prizes. Use your blinkers and don’t forget to stop at stop


4. everyone deserves to treated with respect. Officer Dunn’s office is always open for student to come in and talk to him.

  • Derek Timourian speaks on behalf of student activities
  • any student organization can serve alcohol if they follow certain guidelines
  • all rules and regulations can be found on the student active’s pages
  • Thursday October 8th another TIPS workshop will be taken place

-Dakota Skinner, Phi Delta Theta president

-number one priority is safety

– all registered parties are in Howry

– 3-5 sober managers

– turn away anyone who is noticeable intoxicated

– Dillion O’Dell president Pi Kappa Alpha

– everything was revamped over the summer with the help of the administration and their alumni

  • less events with alcohol
  • more security

– 100 people alcohol is present there will be an officer

– bigger parties will have two officers

– minimum of 8 people sober, this ensures 20% of fraternity be sober

– no women allowed upstairs in bed rooms Thursday through Sunday and if they have an event on a Wednesday night this will then apply on Wednesday nights

– no first years upstairs at all

– 40% of members tbs certified

– Tommy Fraser, Kappa Sigma President

– follow all rules

– one way in, serval ways out

– educates brothers

– general rule party monitors looking for

– can not bring own drink in

– looking for anyone visibly intoxicated

– risk managers will be wearing duct tape

– anyone is welcome to suggestions

– Stephan Meyer, Kappa Alpha Risk Manager

– after 150 people officer will be hired

– 6 people will be sober all night for parties of 150 or higher

– no one can enter house that are visibly intoxicated

– no containers with liquid

– backpacks will not be allowed in house other than purses

– risk management will be on Facebook

– everyone/ anyone must register before going to party

– must be 21 to drink and you will be monitored

Questions and Answers

Q: Are any other fraternities putting their rules online?

A: Pike currently does not have theirs on Facebook but they are going to out a letter out via the megaphone. Kappa Sigma never thought about it before but will do that and Phi agrees also.