Student Congress appoints nearly every student representative seat on University committees. The current student representatives appointments for each committee is below. [Please note: appointments may vary over course of year, especially between Fall/Spring semesters, when course schedules change – we aim to fill any vacated seats quickly].

Strategic Planning & Budget: Hunter Jurgens, Elizabeth Bell
Curriculum:Bryony McLaughlin, Callie Haworth
Paideia: Hunter Jurgens, Vanna Tran
Safety: Josh Mercado
Staff Steering: Emilie Fisher,
Sexual Assault Risk Reduction: Amir Hessabi, Natalie Lesnick, Josh Mann
Alcohol & Other Drugs: Rosa Casteneda, Alan Ramos
Diversity Enrichment: [recently vacated/finding replacement]
Intercultural Perspectives & Programs: Alan Ramos
Facilities & Space Utilization:Amir Hessabi, Josh Mercado
Food Advisory: Purna Bajekal, Callie Haworth
Black & Gold Spirit:Purna Bajekal, Abigail Earle, Emilie Fisher, Marisa Sanchez
Information Services: Chancellor Clark, Nikki Okolo, Lainey Starey, Derek Xu
Committee Review Board: Kelsi Darr, Bryony McLaughlin
Sexual Harassment & Misconduct Advisory and Review: Kelsi Darr, Stephan Meyer, Derek Xu
FYS/AES: Kathy Douglas
Enrollment & Retention: Marissa Madrid-Ortega, Nikki Okolo
Sustainability: Keegan Taylor